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The Raconteurs: Consolers of the Lonely


  • Many Shades of Black
  • The Switch and the Spur
  • Hold Up

  • The Raconteurs

      The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely


    The Offspring: Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace


  • Half-Truism
  • You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
  • Hammerhead
  • The Offspring

      The Offspring - Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace


    PeterLicht: Melancholie & Gesellschaft


    • Räume räumen
    • An meine Freunde vom leidenden Leben
    • Alles was Du siehst gehört Dir

      PeterLicht - Melancholie & Gesellschaft


    be your own PET: Get Awaked


    • Black Hole
    • Creepy Crawl
    • Zombie Graveyard Party

      be your own PET - Get Awaked


    Wilde Zeiten: Aufgeräumt wird später


    • Halte dagegen
    • Nazi Alter
    • Morgen wird alles anders

      Wilde Zeiten - Aufgeräumt wird später


    Los Campesinos!: Hold on Now, Youngster


    • Death To Los Campesinos!
    • You! Me! Dancing!
    • Drop It Doe Eyes

      Los Campesinos! - Hold on Now, Youngster


    Johnossi: All They Ever Wanted


    • 18 Karat Gold
    • Party With My Pain
    • Bobby

      Johnossi - All They Ever Wanted


    Firewater: The Golden Hour


    • Feels Like The End Of The World
    • Banghra Bros
    • Hey Clown

      Firewater - The Golden Hour


    Chumbawamba: The boy bands have won, and all the copyists and the tribute bands and the TV talent show producers have won, if we allow our culture to be shaped by mimicry, whether from lack of ideas or from exaggerated respect. You should never try to freeze culture. What you can do is recycle that culture. Take your older brother’s hand-me-down jacket and re-style it, re-fashion it to the point where it becomes your own. But don’t just regurgitate creative history, or hold art and music and literature as fixed, untouchable and kept under glass. The people who try to ‘guard’ any particular form of music are, like the copyists and manufactured bands, doing it the worst disservice, because the only thing that you can do to music that will damage it is not change it, not make it your own. Because then it dies, then it’s over, then it’s done, and the boy bands have won.


    • Waiting For The Bus
    • Add Me
    • (Words Flew) Right Around The World


    Chumbawamba - And The Boy Bands Have Won...


    Ska-P: Lagrímas y Gozos


    • Gasta Claus
    • Ni Fu Ni Fa
    • Los Hijos Bastardos De La Globalización

      Ska-P - Lagrímas y Gozos


    Calexico: Carried to Dust


    • Victor Jara's Hands
    • Man Made Lake
    • Red Blooms

      Calexico - Carried to Dust


    The Dirty Heads: Any Port In A Storm


    • Stand Tall
    • Driftin'
    • Taint

      The Dirty Heads - Any Port In A Storm


    TAT: Soho Lights


    • Live For Rock
    • Pessimist
    • Road To Paradise

      TAT - Soho Lights


    Nerf Herder: IV


    • I'm Not A Loser
    • Oh Me, Oh My
    • Crocodile

      Nerf Herder – IV


    Coldplay:  Viva La Vida


    • Viva La Vida
    • Cemeteries Of London
    • Death And All His Friends

      Coldplay - Viva La Vida


    Weezer: Weezer (Red Album)


    • Pork and Beans
    • Cold Dark World
    • Miss Sweeney

      Weezer - Weezer (Red Album)


    Die Toten Hosen: In aller Stille


    • Die letzte Schlacht
    • Alles was war
    • Leben ist tödlich

      Die Toten Hosen - In aller Stille


    22 Pistepirkko: (Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah!


    • Zombie
    • Crazymeat
    • Summer Triangle

      22 Pistepirkko - (Well You Know) Stuff Is Like We Yeah!


    The Presidents Of The United States Of America: These Are The Good Times People


    • Mixed Up Son Of A Bitch
    • Truckstop Butterfly
    • Ghosts Are Everywhere

      POUSA - These Are The Good Times People


    Everlast: Love, War And The Ghost Of Whitey Ford


    • Stone In My Hand
    • Folsom Prison Blues
    • Tuesday Morning

      Everlast - Love, War And The Ghost Of Whitey Ford


    MGMT: Oracular Spectacular


    • Kids
    • Time to Pretend
    • Electric Feel

      MGMT - Oracular Spectacular


    Beck: Modern Guilt


    • Gamma Ray
    • Modern Guilt
    • Soul Of A Man

      Beck - Modern Guilt


    Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend


    • A-Punk
    • Mansard Roof
    • One (Blake's Got A New Face)

      Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend


    Korpiklaani: Korven Kuningas


    • Tapporauta
    • Shall We Take A Turn?
    • Runamoine

      Korpiklaani: Korven Kuningas





    Waltari: In The Cradle - The 2nd Decade


    • System Odda Aiggi
    • Rag Your Body Beat
    • Dream World

      Waltari - In The Cradle - The 2nd Decade

    Nicht in meine Bestenliste geschafft haben es unter anderem: Metallica: Death Magnetic / Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy / Backyard Babies: Backyard Babies / Bloc Party: Intimacy / The Cure: 4:13 Dream / Death Cab For Cutie: Narrow Stairs / Donots: Coma Chameleon / Fall Out Boy: Folie à Deux / Fettes Brot:- Strom und Drang / Flogging Molly: Float / Get Well Soon: Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon / I'm From Barcelona: Who Killed Harry Houdini / Jack Jonson: Sleep Through The Static / Jason Mraz: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things / Kings Of Leon: Only By The Night / Nada Surf: Lucky / Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! / No Fun At All: Low Rider / No Use For A Name: The Feel Good Record of the Year / Oasis: Dig Out Your Soul / Pennywise: Reason to Believe / R.E.M.:- Accelerate / Reincidentes: America (Canciones De Ida Y Vuelta) / Rodgau Monotones: Ein Leben für Lärm / Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone / Sugarplum Fairy: The Wild One / The Killers: Previous Age / The Kills: Midnight Boom / The Used: Shallow Believer (EP) / The Verve: Forth / Zebrahead: Phoenix

    Meine Lieblingssongs 2008

    1. Weezer: Pork and Beans
    2. The Raconteurs: Many Shades of Black
    3. Jason Mraz: I'm Yours
    4. The Presidents Of The United States Of America: Mixed Up S.O.B.
    5. The Used: Choke Me
    6. Johnossi: 18 Karat Gold
    7. PeterLicht: Räume räumen
    8. Get Well Soon: If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting
    9. Everlast: Stone In My Hand
    10. Blitzen Trapper: Black River Killer
    11. TAT: Live For Rock
    12. Nerf Herder: I'm Not A Loser
    13. The Offspring: Half-Truism
    14. Gabriella Cilmi: Sweet About Me
    15. 22-Pistepirkko: Zombie
    16. Amy MacDonald: This Is The Life
    17. Beck: Gamma Ray
    18. Ska-P: Gasta Claus
    19. Firewater: Feels Like The End Of The World
    20. MGMT: Kids
    21. Jack White & Alicia Keys: Another Way To Die
    22. The Dirty Heads: Stand Tall
    23. Knorkator: Kinderlied
    24. Jack Johnson: Hope
    25. Simple Plan: Your Love Is A Lie